A Dozen Roses - Not your ordinary rose candle, this one is specially formulated to smell exactly like my fragrant rose bushes in the morning still wet with dew.  Just stick your nose in the flower because you won't be able to tell the difference.  

#1 on our Best Seller List !! 

Apple Fritter - The epitome of a morning pick-me-up, a deliciously inviting , sugary pastry, filled with just the right amount of cinnamon and sweet, warm apple filling. Start the coffee before lighting this one!

Asian Green TeaThis fragrance has an exquisite blend of refreshing and relaxing green tea and herbs interwoven with and hints of melons and amber.

Black Cherry - A strong fragrance that you can smell in an unlit candle as soon as you walk into a room! Pure Black Cherry heaven! Described as one of the best Black Cherry scents around by our customers.

Blueberry Muffin - Smells just like hot blueberry muffins! The blueberries are so tangy they'll make your mouth water.

Candy Kane –  Peppermint lovers, rejoice! Sweet peppermint to awaken your inner child while stimulating the mind and refreshing your spirit - so you'll have all it takes to make it through the busy holiday season, an invigorating seasonal blend. This is the perfect blend of peppermint and sweet candy.

Cantaloupe - The true mellow sweetness of a ripe cantaloupe. Great scent throw and a wonderful summer fragrance.

Cherry Almond - Indulge yourself with a rich, sentimental blend of sweet, ripe cherries and nutty almonds. Fantastic fragrance.

Cherry Vanilla - The delicious scent of sweet juicy red cherries blended with luscious, sweet creamy vanilla. Just made our best seller list. Delicious!

Christmas Past - Bring peace and goodwill towards men to this holiday season with this fruity, spicy bouquet including  cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and juniper notes with a sweet, musky background.

Cinnamon Twist - It's back, better than ever! Our reformulated version has more cinnamon along with that rich sweet icing.

Concho Pearl - Close your eyes and inhale this intoxicating fragrance right from the heart of the Napa Valley, fine wine along with sensuous notes of red berries, melon and a hint of sweetness with amber. Strong and seductive...a definite winner!

Country Spice Back to the country with this, spicy bouquet including  cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet, apple background.

Cranberry Orange - Tart, sweet cranberries with a hint of fresh orange, right off the tree.  Fantastic fall fragrance.

Creamy Vanilla - Absolutely fabulous sweet, sugary, buttery vanilla.

Dreamsickle - A delicious blend of orange citrus swirled with creamy vanilla. Smells just like the orange "push-ups" we ate as kids. The sweet smell of fresh oranges with a buttery, rich vanilla base. Great throw!

Fireplace - You’ll feel warm and cozy with the smell of a good fire burning in the winter time. Everyone will feel like you have your fireplace going even when you don't.

First Noel - A holiday favorite of mystical, ancient spice blends with a woody and earthy aroma. This is a wonderful scent for the Holidays, very unique, and extremely nice. This scent has all the wonders of Old World Christmas wrapped up into one scent.

Gardenia - The exquisite aroma of true tropical gardenia with a top note sweet, green and floral body, so delightful and true of a delicate Gardenia blossom.

Garden of Eden - An absolutely heaven 'scent' fragrance. Clean, cool rain fragrance with white florals. You’re sitting in the garden in the evening as a soft rain releases the rich perfume of the flowers around you.

Gingerbread - Real  heartwarming scent of fresh from the oven hot & yummy Gingerbread....mmmmm...like Grandma's kitchen!!!!!

Ginger Snap - Real  heartwarming scent of fresh from the oven hot & yummy gingerbread   cookies....mmmmm...like Grandma's kitchen!!!!!

Green Apple - A Granny Smith Apple so crisp and fresh that you can smell the CRUNCH! Sweet green apple with a touch of tart and peel..

Holiday Spruce - Discover holiday memories of a fragrant wintry forest, filled with crisp wonderful notes of snow capped fir, and spruce.

Honeysuckle - A twist of heavenly honeysuckle and the fresh, breezy scent of summer come together to create an oasis of fragrance. Ahh, what memories…

Hot CocoaYou will imagine yourself in a warm cozy house, bundled up in layers of blankets with your loved ones, curling up and relaxing by the fireplace with a piping hot cup of hot cocoa. Warm and inviting.

Just For You - A rich and intoxicating fragrance, true to its name, a blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lilac with light perfume undertones to create this sophisticated floral fragrance, “just for you”.

Key West Verbena - This fresh & clean fragrance is a blend of coconut and tangy lime with hints of verbena, vanilla and musk. Close your eyes; You are lying on a hammock, at the beach, between to palm trees, with the smell of fresh coconuts in the air, sipping on a margarita. Ahhh

Leather - A true leather fragrance, This warm, musky fragrance evokes the luxury of fine leather – a subtle blend of earthiness and elegance that smells like walking into a leather shop.

Lemon Drop - Mouth watering, fruity old time lemon drops candy. This one will make your lips pucker! Sensational.

Lilac - The fragrance of fresh picked Lilac blossoms on a summer day……. intoxicating.

Magnolia - This creamy white floral bouquet is rich, heavy, masculine and exotic. The state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi, magnolia is well known for its soft, sweet fragrance.

Mocha Latte This cappuccino smells just like a fresh hot cup of cafe mocha. Vanilla, cocoa and coffee beans blended together, this will take you back to the relaxing atmosphere of your local coffee shop.

Mulberry Wreath - Blend of woods spices, fruits, and flowers made to enhance the Christmas spirit. Potent and exotic.

Orange Patchouli Pungent notes of patchouli with a creamy orange undertone. Quickly becoming a customer favorite.

Paradise - The name says it all. An exotic blend of coconut top-notes, assorted tropical fruit and a vanilla musk background.  The fresh, clean scent stimulates the experience of the rhythm and paradise of the tropics. Absolutely breathtaking.

Pomegranate - Savor the succulent sweetness of pomegranate...truly mouthwatering! A sophisticated blend of fresh herbs and exotic fruit right off the tree. A bestseller and company favorite.

Red Current - Fresh and intriguing, one of the most exquisite scents - rich currants with green undertones. Grand citrus aromas combine with deep currants making it fruity with a touch of sweetness.

Spiced Pumpkin - The fragrance of homemade pumpkin pie with lots of spices in the mix. Definitely NOT plain old pumpkin pie. Definite seasoned pumpkin aroma with a fall spice mix that says, "Welcome home" through and through.

Strawberry Fields - Remember the 60’s. A true blend of fresh picked strawberries and earthy patchouli.

Sweet Lavender - The enchanting essence of lavender flowers brings a quiet serenity to the heart. A clean, mild, sensual lavender blossoms with just a touch of vanilla.

Sweet PeaA fresh, delicate scent of raspberry, pineapple and nectarine intertwined with organic sweet pea and lily flowers.

Sunflower - A floral bouquet with a clean tropical, citrus scent with a sweet background.

Texas Paradise - Exotic, yet very unique southern fragrance. Quietly seductive, with just a hint of strawberries and fresh cream.

Valencia Oranges - Fresh and tangy, a blending of orange blossom, loaded with golden juice of rich flavor and aroma. ...smells like you peeling a fresh picked orange.